The Dictionary of Fiction Critique

Dictionary card

In an ideal world, stories would flow from the author’s pen and arrive whole on the page, sparkling with genius. Far less romantic is the truth that writing includes more failing, editing, deleting, cursing, polishing and re-writing than writing itself. Rather than being the product of pure talent or inspiration, writing fiction is a craft that can be honed through practice and hard work — often done alongside and with the support of other writers in a critique setting.

And here’s the book I wish I had when I began my fiction-writing adventure: The Dictionary of Fiction Critique.


Part A-Z dictionary and part writing crash course, The Dictionary of Fiction Critique is your survival guide for the wild, wacky world of the fiction critique group. The language herein demystifies the creation of story, explains how to read like a writer, and provides the language with which to discuss your craft with peers, including terms like:

– Foreshadowing
– Head hopping
– Omniscience
– Genre dissonance
– Reality violation
– Ten-page syndrome
– Info dump
– Talking heads
– Passive voice
– Immersion
– Piggyback
– The to-be’s

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