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Kate’s first novel, Transference is a dark comedy starring a disgraced psychiatrist a telepathic patient.

The superpower satire is a modern Jean Gray story with an R-rated, Deadpool sense of humor that tackles mental health, social isolation, current politics and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

What people are saying about Transference:

  • BookLife Prize (finalist): “Kate Jonuska’s Transference is a riveting tale of telepathy and suburban angst, with characters who reveal unexpected depths and challenge reader expectations as the story unfolds. Despite some powerful forays into darkness and despair, the book is ultimately about hope, redemption, and making human connections in a difficult world.” — Tim Pratt, BookLife judge and author of The Wrong StarsRags & Bones and more.
  • BookLife Prize (semi-finalist): “Deftly rendered… Despite familiar elements, this novel feels fresh. Jonuska flips the trope of the solid mentor/flawed student on its head.”
  • The Denver Post (staff pick): “Transference has delightfully despicable characters who earn their laughs… Jonuska (who has written for The Denver Post in the past) has laid fertile ground for comedy with the mind-reading premise. Those comic twists and turns — some predictable, others surprising — endear Janet and Verbenk to the reader and, eventually, to one another.” – Jenn Fields
  • “Kate Jonuska has a keen, witty, unique voice that will likely only get more incisive and vivid with time. In this case, you don’t even need superpowers to see that.” – Colorado Book Reviews
  • “Exciting. Verbenk and Janet are the most unlikely duo facing the most unlikely odds…but somehow, it works. It’s like a twisted superhero story, and it was absolutely delicious.” – She’s All Booked, blogger/reviewer
  • “Engaging and hard to put down. It’s a super-fast read, and I’d definitely recommend it.” – L.R. Braden, author of A Drop of Magic
  • The Daily Camera (Boulder, CO): “For all the conventional wisdom about ‘likable’ characters, unlikable characters can work if they are interesting, and these two are. We never move too far beyond their most salient traits, but Jonuska has a journalist’s ear for snappy dialogue… (and) a flair for punchy, often cynical, humor.” – Clay Bonnyman Evans, reviewer and author of Bones of My Grandfather: Reclaiming a Lost Hero of WWII


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