When I’m not here: Boulder County Indie Authors


As an indie author, my communities of other writers and industry professionals are vital to both my success and my well being, and thankfully the community of indie writers is big, warm and welcoming. By way of example, let me introduce a new project of mine, Boulder County Indie Authors or BCIA.

Spring Sale flyer

Now 11 members strong, we’re a group of Boulder-area authors who are either self-published or published by small, indie presses and who get together to sell our books and otherwise combine our efforts. Watch out world, mwahahaha!

No, honestly, like the larger writing community, we’re a strange and wonderful and welcoming group of folks, seen here at our coffee-shop sale this weekend.


If you’d like to keep track of this new endeavor, please check out www.bouldercountyindieauthors.com and click around. Many of us offer bulk discounts for book clubs and other community groups, and many can serve as public speakers or topic experts at events. If nothing else, please take our motto to heart and…