Introducing Colorado #ResistanceReads

It’s been a rough few years for America. Not only were the results of the 2016 election a shock, but the presidential campaign ran for two years beforehand and the two years since our current president’s election have been a non-stop roller coaster. (Thank you for riding the Descent of Democracy. Please fasten your seatbelts and keep your arms raised and holding protest signs.) Like most people, I have been more engaged with politics than ever before. Unlike many other people, though, those politics can and do appear in my work as a writer and an author, including in my novel, Transference.

In many ways, those political themes in my fiction are 100 percent inevitable. An author’s work will always be affected by the thoughts swirling in their heads and in their lives as they write. But for me, those themes are also 100 percent intentional. As an author and as an avid reader, I believe that reading is a political act, and that reading can change culture and open minds.

Therefore, I am very excited to announce the launch of a new literature-based fundraising campaign and my participation in it. Let me introduce to you Colorado #ResistanceReads.

CRR blue

Colorado #ResistanceReads is a list of books by Colorado authors that engage with themes relevant to today’s tumultuous political climate, including climate change, the free press, LGBTQ+ rights, homelessness, the refugee crisis, authoritarianism and more. Rather than presenting any one point of view or political persuasion, these books encourage thought and conversation about current events through the medium of story.

Transference, for instance, brings up the #metoo movement in the form of Dr. Verbenk, the narrator and a real #metoo nightmare. And the other protagonist, Janet, is a politician and a philanthropist whose main cause is refugee aid, which brings the IRL refugee crisis into the world of fiction. 

The Colorado #ResistanceReads list is also an active fundraiser. Every participating author will donate 50 percent of the profits from the sale of their book from Black Friday (11/23) through Colorado Gives Day (12/4) to a charity of the author’s choice. So far, funds will be going toward the ACLU, the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, ACCESS Housing and the Transgender Law Center.

And proceeds from Transference during that period will be donated to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Denver, a refugee resettlement and aid organization. IRC Denver is a fantastic organization that’s fone fantastic work since 1933. 

The campaign doesn’t launch until Black Friday. Books bought right now will NOT be counted as part of the fundraiser, so we’re not yet looking for a full-on promotional blitz, even though the offers of support are already pouring in. Right now, you can help Colorado #ResistanceReads in several ways:

As with all promotions, it’s impossible to predict how this one will roll out, but I am super excited nonetheless. I cannot wait to give to IRC Denver for Colorado Gives Day, no matter what amount that donation winds up being. I cannot wait to share this list of varied and interesting reads by Colorado authors with a wider audience. And I cannot thank you enough in advance for your help and support spreading word about these #ResistanceReads and helping a lot of good causes in the process.

P.S. You know that books make great holiday gifts, right? Because books make great holiday gifts.