My own #ResistanceReads book, Transference

FistAs part of the Colorado #ResistanceReads campaign, I’ve been tweeting out my favorite such books that tackle political or social issues and that have proven to me the power of story to change the world. The project has been a whirlwind of activity and action, all of it rewarding, but today is Colorado Gives Day and therefore the final day of the campaign. Yes, today is the final day in which purchases of Transference will benefit IRC Denver, a refugee-resettlement and -aid non-profit.

Transference CoverMy novel was indeed a politically transformative act for me. For one, I was able to process my feelings about the 2016 presidential election in the writing of the manuscript, which was complete on Inauguration Day in 2017. The long electoral season had left me feeling invisible and disconnected, especially as a woman who saw over and over how we ladies tried to have our voices heard, tried to prove that we mattered, only to have our voices drowned out — sometimes out of cruelty but more often out of sheer disbelief or casual, unacknowledged misogyny. The character of Dr. Verbenk was born out of this frustration. Second, I was shocked and even frightened by the disregard shown for non-white and non-American human lives, especially in regards to the worldwide refugee crisis that’s still unfolding. From that shock came the character of Janet Buckmann, who also couldn’t understand the disconnect between ideals and actions.

However, the experience of indie publishing was also politically transformative for me. In the last two years — but especially over the course of this #ResistanceReads project — I’ve learned about the power of grassroots organization. Moreover, I believe now more than ever that indie publishing itself can be resistance: against corporations, gatekeepers, capitalism, ignorance, complacency and the fear of disrupting the status quo.


So today on Colorado Gives Day, when your heart and mind are perhaps more open than usual, I encourage you this one last time to consider buying a book to support not only books that stimulate minds and discussions, but also to benefit the charity to which I’m donating 50 percent of my profits during this period, the IRC.

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And if my strange, dark little novel isn’t your cup of tea, that’s OK. Not every book is for everybody. In that case, please consider buying the book of one of Colorado #ResistanceReads other authors, who write in a variety of genres for a variety of audiences. It’s truly a wonderful crew and I’m happy to have worked with each one of them.

Thanks, readers, and long live the resistance! 📚=✊