Now Reviewing Books at Run Spot Run

While I review books on Goodreads for my own edification, I’ve never done so professionally… until now, that is. I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined the team of crack reviews at Run Spot Run

Diary-of-a-MurdererI only have one book reviewed so far, the creepy AF Diary of a Murderer by Young-Ha Kim. Here’s a taste:

“The story unspooled in my head like an indie film — a medium in which I think this story would shine, if you’re listening, Netflix. The insights recorded in this killer’s diary are singular and memorable. For instance, he studies and writes poetry, verses about murder that his readers believe to be metaphors:

There isn’t much I do well. I excel at only one thing, but it’s the kind I can’t brag about. Think of the countless people who end up in the grave proud of something they can never share with others.

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