Fall Book Preview at Run Spot Run

The reviewers over at Run Spot Run — including me! — compiled a great Fall 2019 Books Preview. Basically, it’s a big list of all the big and small books we’re looking forward to in the coming months…

Starting with this one that’s already landed:

The-Nickel-Boys-Colson-WhiteheadThe Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead (Doubleday, July 16)

After winning the Pulitzer Prize for The Underground Railroad, master Colson Whitehead returns to dramatize another challenging period of American history in The Nickel Boys. While Railroad infused its historical accuracy with some thrilling fantastical elements, Nickel Boys is firmly historical, based on the history of a Florida reform school that operated for over a century. This Nickel Academy supposedly makes wayward boys into honorable and honest men but instead abuses, tortures and kills its students. Dark and driven, the story shines a light on who we value, who benefits from racial inequity and racial terrorism, and who frames our history.

Pop over to Run Spot Run to see the whole list.