Welcome to Boulder, Metaburger!

Getting a great burger in Boulder is not difficult thanks to local favorites like the Dark Horse as well as quality fast-casual chains like the Handful of Guys and Smooshed Burgers. But now getting a top-notch, super tasty VEGAN burger is easier than ever thanks to the introduction of METABURGER, an entirely plant-based burger joint that recently joined the 29th Street Mall. After sampling the menu recently on their spacious Covid-safe patio, I would heartily recommend the new eatery for both plant-eaters and omnivores like myself. Whatever you eat on the daily, you will find something delicious here.

In my opinion, begin with the Flatiron Burger, which starts with a tasty vegan patty from Hungry Planet and is topped with Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, shallots, and “gouda.” Certainly no Plain Jane, wow, these flavors would sing for any burger gourmand — and honestly, this gourmand completely forgot the cheese wasn’t dairy but instead plant-based.

Inside the Flatiron Burger.

In fact, it was easy to enjoy all the food I sampled at METABURGER and completely forget its ingredients are meant to be vegan substitutions. For instance, the milkshakes, which are made with oat milk and blended with natural versions of popular candies. I loved my Betterfinger shake to the last slurp as much as any other shake, only realizing later I’d enjoyed a version of Butterfinger candy without high-fructose corn syrup. And the eatery’s fries — all waffle-cut — are delicious in both russet and sweet potato.

If I had to make a complaint, METABURGER’s plant-based bacon blends right into the plant-based patty in burgers like the Western, which also includes BBQ sauce, cheese, and crispy onions. Pulling out the flavor of the Hungry Planet bacon from the burger was difficult, but the combination was hella tasty nonetheless.


In addition to flavor, as any environmentalist will remind you, this vegan bacon burger is a significantly greener choice for our planet than a beef burger — even if you don’t choose plant-based every time! Maybe alternate patronizing plant-based restaurants with the other “Guys.” Part-time veganism can add up to big social change and is easier than ever.

For instance, you can buy delicious Hungry Planet burgers for your home as well as their other many plant-based offerings like chicken (offered as chicken sandwiches at METABURGER!), Italian sausage, pork, and crab.

Go to https://www.hungryplanetfoods.com/our-meats for details.

Environmental and health concerns explain why plant-based burgers are all the rage at the grocery store, but I hadn’t yet experienced a quality vegan patty made gourmet out in the wild before METABURGER. I’m grateful such an option now exists right down my street and with pick-up and delivery options for Covid safety. I’ll be back to try other shakes and their “chicken” sandwiches soon.

Hungry for more info? Check out METABURGER’s menu, hours, and other locations at www.metaburger.com.

Two METABURGERs and sweet potato waffle fries on the patio, 29th Street Mall, Boulder.
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