Builder: A Short Story

Kate tackles hard science fiction and the isolation of space!

Builder: A Short Story, published 2017

About 30-35 book pages in length, the ebook novella Builder is the story of Phebs, who builds future human colonies on the asteroid Centuesse 16, a job she loves because it took her far, far away from humans in general. When tragedy strikes, she’s forced to take control of her life and confront her true place in the universe as her life of happy isolation begins to dissolve.

Phebs was now the only living human within a light-year radius of where she stood, 20 meters underground on the asteroid Centuesse 16 in a galaxy on the far side of the inhabited universe. For the first time in her life, she was truly and utterly alone. Only for a flicker, she smiled, because she’d never thought that childhood, wish-upon-a- star dream could ever come true. But only for a flicker, because as a girl, she’d never have been able to predict the consequences of that solitude. Namely, the death of a man she actually didn’t loathe, which was a mountain-sized speed bump in her known, comfortably solid routine. A lack of heartbeat that changed everything. Change, such a horrible word.

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