The Dictionary of Fiction Critique

First released in 2018, The Dictionary of Fiction Critique was a labor of love, built with Kate’s genuine passion for the ideas and vocabulary of fiction writing and infused with her experience with academic and community writers groups. Kate used fiction vocabulary and the dictionary as the subject of several public lectures as well as writers workshops at RMFW’s Colorado Gold, the Pikes Peak Writers Conference and MileHiCon, honing the ideas as she went. Then in March of 2020, those honed ideas were reintegrated into a new and improved book:

The Dictionary of Fiction Critique, Second Edition! 

What’s new in this edition:

  • Now published by 30th Street Press! The Dictionary of Fiction Critique, second edition, will be available for wider distribution to bookstores, libraries and other venues. Yes, you can still buy direct from me, the author, either on Amazon or in-person at events, but now you can also ask your school or library to stock a copy of the new edition.
  • New vocabulary words! I’ve updated lampshades and spotlights, washing dishes and more. Check out dozens of definitions not included in the first, instructional section of the dictionary in the A-Z listing in the back.
  • Now with headings! Section titles now make it easy to flip through the dictionary to find what you need.
  • Including more detailed discussions of locating a critique group, passive language, and the nuances of action, tension and conflict.
  • A cool new blurb from a writer a very much admire, Kendra Fortmeyer, Pushcart-winning author of Hole in the Middle:

“Expert, compact and suffused with warmth and humor, The Dictionary of Fiction Critique is the perfect introduction to discussing fiction like a writer.”

The Dictionary of Fiction Critique, second edition, is currently available for $13.99 paperback and $2.99 ebook via:

The Dictionary of Fiction Critique, second edition, is currently available for $13.99 paperback and $2.99 ebook via:

  • Amazon, available for Prime shipping

Would you like Kate to speak at an upcoming event?

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Kate loves to talk about writing and creativity, so use the contact page to share any speaking, workshop or retreat opportunities. I’ve presented on topics such as:

  • Critique 101 and critique roundtables
  • Indie publishing, including short-story anthologies
  • Politics in speculative fiction
  • Fiction writing exercises
  • Writing workshops for teens
  • Mindfulness, meditation and/or yoga for creatives

During the pandemic, I’m also available for video chats with critique groups!

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