PROOF: A 30th Street Fiction Anthology

I spent the last part of 2017 writing for, co-editing and co-publishing a great short-story anthology with my long-term critique group, and all the hard work came to fruition when we published PROOF: A 30th Street Fiction Anthology on Jan. 2, 2018. Not only do I love my own piece — titled “Prince Charming,” though it is NOT romance 😉 — but I’m proud of every story in the book, which includes:

  • JvL Bell: “The Traitor”
  • Caitlin Berve: “The Mortician’s Assistant”
  • Maggie Brydon: “Bring a She Goat”
  • Richard M. Hamp: “The Father, the Son, and a Glass of Holy Spirits”
  • Lezly Harrison: “What’s in a Name?”
  • Jessica Lavé: “Coyote Junction”
  • Ian K. Long: “Dead Air”

Welcome to 30th Street Fiction’s Proof Anthology, where family secrets haunt the living, the dead walk, the human sacrifice might be you, and the proof is in the details. This collection of short indie fiction is unrestricted by genre or style and features a solid spread of speculative, historical, and mainstream contemporary fiction. The theme of proof, in all of its interpretations and boldfaced glory, weaves these diverse pieces together. So sit back, curl up, and brace yourself for this collection of stories. At 30th Street, fiction is often stranger, darker, or funnier than truth.

Buy it now, digital or paperback, and support 30th Street Fiction’s budding indie press. All proceeds will support ISBN purchases for member’s future publications!